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Pet Intelligent Fountain

Pet Intelligent Fountain

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1. Large capacity and drinking surface - It's perfect for multi-cat households and multi-dog households.
2. High-quality and safe materials - This stainless steel cat water fountain is made of Premium 304 stainless steel which is non-toxic and odorless.
3. Ultra-quiet water pump - This stainless steel dog water fountain uses an ultra-quiet water pump.

Product information:

Applicable to: dogs and cats
Product weight: 0.75
Color: 304 stainless steel transparent basic model, 304 stainless steel transparent sensing model, filter cotton set
Specifications: National standard adapter, American standard adapter, European standard adapter, British standard adapter, Australian standard adapter
Water storage capacity: 2L
Color box size: 170 * 181 * 135mm

Packing list:

Host * 1 filter element * 1 adapter * 1 nozzle * 1 water pump * 1 filter cotton * 2 filter tank * 1/ Filter cotton set * 1

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